A new flagship comes out every 6 months – makers try to play it as two separate classes, e.g. Galaxy S and Note; LG G and LG V, but the fact remains that every flagship is surpassed in half a year.

But do you actually buy a new phone every few months? Some people do (including some at our office), but most people wait at least a year. If you buy phones on contract, though, chances are you wait two years before upgrading.

Unless you use one of the fast upgrade programs, typically 18-month long (think ATT Next, Verizon Edge, etc.). Those, however, require you to turn in your old device – so you can’t sell it, give it to your parents or even just keep it as a backup device.

So, how often do you upgrade your phone?

Article source: https://www.gsmarena.com/weekly_poll_how_often_do_you_change_your_phone-news-29555.php