How can we get a pursuit during Google or Facebook? Probably a many useful thing competence be to investigate algorithms. Not memorize them, solely presumably a few pf a many common ones, though to review them by and make certain we know them. Go and review about vital information structures, and know when any one is appropriate. Implement a few, like a related list, a heap, a crush table, a binary tree. If we have complicated Computer Science, we competence have finished all of this before. If so, try to do it again and see if we can do it though looking things up. Try to come adult with some multiple information structure. For example, can we find something that can do O(1) erase like related list, though also have pointless entrance like an array? Why or because not?

Try elucidate tiny problems. You can use an algorithms text to supply with some, and we can hunt for others online. Each problem shouldn’t take some-more than half an hour to solve. If we can do good on those, we are prepared for a vast partial of a Google interview.

To ready for a rest, only write code, learn to debug it, get other people to review it and tell we either they know it and what we got wrong. Contribute to open source projects, if we like. They aren’t bashful about revelation we because your formula sucks, usually. Learn about common forms of errors, and make certain we don’t make those by categorically checking afterward. For example, always check dilemma cases.

You should have one programming denunciation that we are super-comfortable with and know inside out. If someone asks we about some underline of this language, we should know what it is, what it’s for, and when we shouldn’t use it. Don’t design to be asked about this, though request a believe when we code. There are books like Effective C++ or homogeneous for your denunciation that can be really good. Ask experts for your favorite denunciation for recommendations.

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