After a disaster of a Galaxy Note 7, what can fans demeanour brazen to in a subsequent Samsung flagship?

2016 started as a earnest year for Samsung, with a Galaxy S7 array earning vicious commend and blurb success. But a contrariety with where we are now couldn’t be starker. Battery fires and a unfit remember routine led to a termination of a Galaxy Note 7, creation it a many shocking smartphone launch ever, by a far-reaching margin.

Samsung will already be looking forward to a subsequent flagship, a Galaxy S8, to lift it out of this swamp and reconstruct consumer trust. So what can we pattern from such a essential product? Let’s take a look.

Galaxy S8 build and form factor

Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has been solemnly enlightening a steel and potion pattern denunciation over a past confederate of years, so it’s pretty expected it’ll hang with this into 2017. A potion behind allows Samsung to simply build in wireless charging, and it’s shown over a past year how a use of winding potion can emanate a phone that feels lush and unique.

Metal and potion have worked good for Samsung.

Speaking of which, there’s also a doubt of either we’ll see an “edge” indication Galaxy S8, as we have a past twin years. The latest reports from Korea advise that, like a Note 7’s subtly winding display, a GS8 competence come in twin models, both with Edge screens.

Sources pronounced a association has already started securing arrangement panels in twin sizes — 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch — from a possess display-making section Samsung Display, a world’s solitary writer of double-edged screens.

That competence make a “edge” monicker redundant, so it’s probable we competence instead be looking during a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus during those twin shade sizes.

(Other reports out of Korea have forked to a probability of a 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus, alongside a 5-inch unchanging GS7.)

Another indicate of debate: Recent rumors have forked to a probability of an visual fingerprint sensor in a subsequent Galaxy S flagship, permitting a GS8 to hide a biometric confidence facilities in a arrangement itself. If that happens, we could be looking during a initial Samsung flagship though a normal clicky home button.

And that’s accurately what’s been rumored recently, with during slightest one news indicating to a buttonless GS8, with on-screen keys and a fingerprint sensor built right into a display.

Galaxy S8 arrangement — customary RGB

Gear VR

The subsequent era of flagship Samsung phones won’t see a strike in a pixel density, though Samsung could pierce divided from Diamond PenTile to a customary RGB layout.

With PenTile (RGBG), there are twin sub-pixels per pixel — with twice as many immature sub-pixels as red and blue. With RGB, there are particular red, green, and blue sub-pixels that brew to form one pixel. When it comes to a Galaxy S7 edge, RGBG translates to 7,372,800 pixels overall, since RGB would outcome in 11,059,200 pixels.

The change is pronounced to have been borne out of need to showcase some-more immersive practical existence environments.

Galaxy S8 — audio, 3.5mm jack and #donglelife

Recent rumors advise Samsung competence get absolved of a 3.5mm jack in a Galaxy S8, with a manufacturer opting for USB-C audio. Samsung won’t positively be a initial manufacturer to do so — we’ve already seen LeEco and Lenovo go a USB-C track — though a pierce could polarize Samsung’s user base.

It’s also been reported that Samsung will embody wireless earbuds in a box with a GS8 — a pierce that will positively eat into a company’s margins, though competence alleviate a impact of a 3.5mm jack removal.

Galaxy S8 specs

Aside from a rumored arrangement distance and resolution, there’ve been indications that Samsung could select a absolute new GPU from chip engineer ARM. The ARM Mali-G71 would be a poignant ascent from a progressing era graphics processors used in a Galaxy S6 and S7.

According to ARM’s possess documentation, a chip offers “40% improved opening firmness and 20% outmost memory bandwidth saving compared to Mali-T880.” The Galaxy S7 and Note 7 use a several of that GPU, a Mali-T800 MP12.

The docs for Mali-G71 yield anxiety specs formed on a 16nm FinFET process, though Samsung is expected to use a some-more fit 10nm routine in a 2017 Exynos chip — that potentially means it’ll be even faster than ARM’s anxiety numbers.

The Mali-G71 is rumored to outperform a GPU used in Qualcomm’s arriving Snapdragon 835, lifting questions over either Samsung will once again use a brew of Snapdragon SoCs and Exynos processors in several regions. That’s corroborated adult by one (uncorroborated) news from China suggesting that there’ll be twin variants of a new Exynos 8895 processor during opposite time speeds — alongside an S8 using Qualcomm’s latest.

Galaxy S8 cameras

Galaxy S7 camera

Cameras are one area of smartphone hardware that has nonetheless to plateau, and in a past year we’ve seen copiousness of creation in this area from Apple, Google, Huawei and of march Samsung.

Samsung focused on low light opening in a 2016 flagships, and we’d pattern this trend to continue into a subsequent era Galaxy phones — pattern brighter lenses and bigger pixels, and for Samsung to expected sojourn around a honeyed mark of 12 megapixels for a categorical camera.

But there’s been conjecture over either Samsung competence take impulse from a iPhone 7 Plus’s singular telephoto camera. As a association that’s always sought underline relation with Apple, we wouldn’t be astounded if a next-gen Galaxy eventually incorporates a second lens for clearer zoomed-in shots.

Galaxy S8 AI Assistant

AI is apropos ever some-more critical in consumer tech, as evidenced by products like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Samsung is rumored to be removing in on a AI diversion with a subsequent smartphone launch, with record from a new acquisition, Viv.

With Viv, Samsung will be means to clear and offer new use practice for a customers, including one that simplifies user interfaces, understands a context of a user and offers a user a many suitable and available suggestions and recommendations.

Viv was built with both consumers and developers in mind. This twin concentration is also what captivated us to Viv as an ideal claimant to confederate with Samsung home appliances, wearables and more, as a indication of how we correlate with record shifts to intelligent interfaces and voice control.

So a intensity of Viv extends distant over Samsung’s comparatively wanton voice assistant, S Voice, that debuted some-more than 4 years ago on a Galaxy S3. There’ve even been reports that a GS8 competence underline a possess dedicated VR key.

Based on a new heading filing, SamMobile theorizes that “Bixby” could be a name for Samsung’s arriving AI assistant. It’s a quirky monicker, though one that competence only hang in a minds of consumers.

Galaxy S8 redeem date

The many arguable news points to an Apr launch for a GS8.

There’s been some conjecture that Samsung competence find to launch a Galaxy S8 progressing than prior years in sequence to opposite a fallout from a Galaxy Note 7. While this is positively possible, we’re not certain appearing to rush a product to marketplace after a prior indication suffered critical peculiarity declaration issues would be seen as a good thing.

Contrarywise, there’ve also been reports from The Wall Street Journal that Samsung competence reason behind as late as Apr to get all only right. Such a pierce would have a organisation disposition on a Galaxy S7 array for adult to 14 months. That would be a most longer wait than usual, though it’s distinct that Samsung competence wish to reason behind and make doubly certain there are no peculiarity issues before a phone ship

However Samsung handles a launch of a Galaxy S8, pattern a ghost of a Note 7 to remain, and for Samsung to underscore additional stairs it’s holding this time around to safeguard a new phone is safe.

In light of new events, a Galaxy S8 will be a undeniably critical launch for Samsung, as it looks to redeem a reputation, and pierce past a biggest predicament in a corporate history.

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