Samsung Galaxy S7 corner in Vietnam incidentally got Oreo

The guys over during AndroidU perceived a tip from a user in Vietnam who appears to have perceived a Android Oreo refurbish on their Galaxy S7 edge, finish with a Samsung Experience UI 9.0.

The refurbish was apparently a mistake done by someone during a Samsung growth organisation or associated departments, who contingency have pushed a clearly finished build of a update. It isn’t probable that Samsung would purposefully recover such an refurbish to a S7 before a newer Galaxy S8. Aside from this, Samsung did not even reason a an Oreo Beta hearing for S7 corner users.

We don’t know how many people indeed managed to download and implement a refurbish in Vietnam, though there might be during slightest one. These screenshots were sent to AndroidU from a dual-SIM, general various of a Galaxy S7 corner around a open Galaxy S7 corner organisation discuss on Telegram.

The refurbish in doubt weighed in during about 1.4GB with a build series of G935FXXU2ERB2. See a screenshots below.



We already knew that Samsung was operative on a Oreo refurbish for a Galaxy S7, we only didn’t design to see anyone get it this early. Then again, this isn’t a initial time folks have incidentally perceived a vital refurbish distant before a open release.

Thanks for a tip!

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