Three years ago, Alexandrea Mellen founded her program growth company, Terrapin Computing. A 2015 Boston University mechanism engineering graduate, Mellen splits her time between her association and Blasè, an group that designs and develops apps. we spoke with Mellen about how she grown her seductiveness in mechanism engineering, a hurdles women face in record and how record is discussed in politics.

Olivia Deng: How did we turn meddlesome in technology?
Alexandrea Mellen: we grew adult operative during my father’s association for flattering most my whole life…They built furnaces for [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] and Stanford and a garland of opposite companies that indispensable them. we started operative there in high school, only doing CAD drawings of opposite tools that he indispensable and afterwards kind of stretched my purpose into public and investigation and building out furnaces.

Did we always know that we wanted to go into a scholarship field?
My mom’s a author and an artist so we spent a lot of time only doing art things with her. Painting and sketch and all that stuff. We had a good time and we desired doing that. That’s helped me now given I’ve stretched my skillset into design…But even then, we was unequivocally capricious about either we wanted to go into a technical field…I unequivocally enjoyed some of my denunciation classes and essay classes.

Were there any groups during BU that were successful in building your seductiveness in technology?
I was a clamp boss of Make BU my comparison year that was a ton of fun. We hold dual hackathons while we was concerned and had a weekly penetrate night. we was a partial of [Global App Initiative] that was so most fun. we desired training other students.

What have we been operative on given graduating from BU?
I separate my time between my association creation iOS apps focused in education. Right now, we do chemistry and engineering apps. we have 3 out in a store. And afterwards we take a other half of my time and work during a association called Blasè as a partner there doing mobile app growth and website app growth for a party industry, artists and businesses.

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