Let this be your extended user primer to all things PlayStation VR!

This beam was updated on 12/22 with new ways to knowledge PlayStation VR!

It wasn’t all that prolonged ago VR was deliberate possibly something elementary we combined to a phone for a discerning daze or something amazingly formidable for those who could means a extensive mandate of ownership. Sony combined a constrained center belligerent by doing what they do best — creation something we indeed wish to have in your vital room. PlayStation VR is a messenger for your PlayStaion 4 that elevates your tide games and helps we try and wholly new approach to feel like we are a impression you’re playing.

Being means to entirely suffer this knowledge requires some-more than usually holding one out of a box. Here’s a finish user primer for all things PSVR!

Meet your PlayStation VR

Sony’s initial efforts in VR are incredible, and in several critical ways utterly a bit forward of a some-more costly Desktop PC-based system. If we don’t already possess a PlayStation VR, here are a few reasons we should severely cruise dropping all and grabbing one today!

  • I attempted PlayStation VR and bought a PlayStation 4 a subsequent day
  • PlayStation Move controllers vs HTC Vive controllers vs Oculus Touch controllers
  • Field of View face-off: PSVR vs Vive vs Rift, vs Gear VR
  • Why there’s no “screen-door effect” in PlayStation VR
  • PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift
  • Everything we can do with a PlayStation VR besides gaming
  • The loyal cost of PlayStation VR

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Getting started with your PlayStation VR

Taking PlayStation VR out of a box is step one, though there’s a lot some-more we should know about creation certain we and whoever we share this complement with have a best probable experience. You need space to pierce around, and we need to make certain a headset stays gentle while we are doing so. Here’s a best ways to get started!

  • How to set adult your PlayStation VR
  • How to make a many of your PlayStation VR play space
  • How to get a ideal fir for PlayStation VR
  • Your wireless headphones will not work with PlayStation VR
  • Your PlayStation VR knowledge is best with a dock!
  • How to refurbish your PlayStation VR

Using all forms of PlayStation 4

There’s some-more than one box named PlayStation 4, though don’t panic! They all work with PlayStation VR, though one might offer improved experiences. If you’re regulating a PlayStation 4 Pro, we have a few some-more options than we would with a normal PlayStation 4. Here’s what we need to know!

  • Which PlayStation 4 is a best for VR?
  • How to keep HDR support when regulating PlayStation VR

Getting to know Cinematic Mode

PlayStation VR isn’t usually for personification practical existence games. In fact, anything we can do by your PlayStation 4 can be finished by PlayStation VR interjection to Cinematic Mode. A far-reaching practical shade that floats in front of we and fills your prophesy can giveaway we from distractions, and maybe for some spin a usually shade we use to suffer your PlayStation.

  • What to design with PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode
  • How to change a shade distance in Cinematic Mode

Gaming in PlayStation VR

This is what we’re all here for, right? Leaning over a practical pool list to penetrate a ideal shot, losing your change a small as we hurl your physique from tree to tree, and screaming as a demon gets a small too tighten before we fist a trigger. VR games are intense, and impossibly enjoyable. The audio and video fills we and replaces a genuine world, vouchsafing we dive in and spin someone else for a small while. Here’s what we’ve found so far!

  • These are a best PlayStation VR games
  • The best shooters for VR
  • The best PSVR games for pierce controllers
  • The best giveaway apps for PlayStation VR
  • PlayStation VR appendage experiences, ranked!

Doing some-more with PlayStation VR

Gaming is an increasingly amicable experience, and that means some games are meant to be common with everyone. That can spasmodic meant pity with others, even those who don’t have a PlayStation 4. Sharing can also be as elementary as a screenshot, or maybe you’re prepared to share your whole event on Twitch with others. Whatever your choice know that your hardware is built to listen unless we tell it not to.

  • How to take a screenshot in PlayStation VR
  • How to get a best Twitch tide with PlayStation VR
  • How to spin off a microphone on your PlayStation Camera
  • PlayStation VR and MacOS can play together interjection to MacMorpheus!

What about porn?

Yeah, we get that doubt a lot. Sony doesn’t go out of a approach to make it easy for we to watch adult calm on PlayStation VR, though it’s some-more than possible.

  • How to watch porn on PlayStation VR


Like anything, your PlayStation VR might not always act accurately as it should. To assistance with that, we’ve fabricated a troubleshooting beam to assistance we understanding with all that could potentially go wrong with your headset.

  • Check out a PlayStation VR Troubleshooting Guide!

Selling your PlayStation VR

Maybe you’ve motionless this isn’t for you, or maybe you’re in evident need of some cash. Whatever your reason, if we need to sell your PlayStation VR fast there’s no need to rush out to a closest wiring emporium and take their slim values. You have options, and we can help!

  • How to purify your PlayStation VR
  • Getting a best understanding when offered your PlayStation VR

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