After a Star Wars Battlefront 2 disturbance surrounding pay-to-win micro-transactions, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) team has settled it won’t be doing so during all, preferring to concentration on cosmetic equipment instead. This came to light during a developer row featuring PUBG CEO Chang Han Kim and Lead Game Designer Junhyuk Choi during G-Star — a South Korean games expo.

“As we might already know, we will never supplement anything that affects a gameplay. However, there is a comparatively clever direct for cosmetic items. Since a central launch is a tip priority, we devise on adding new equipment after that,” Kim said, fielding a doubt on either there would a new bin with a special equipment same to what a association did during Gamescom.

Also of note is that a diversion could see a training mode for players to get to grips with a game.

“Frankly, we consider there lies PUBG’s charm. Our suspicion was, ‘There is no use in life! It should be tough!’ given delivering a existence was important. However, many players are requesting a educational mode or a sharpened range, and we trust this could be useful for some players. So, we will start devising a devise to rise such a underline after a central release,” a twin said.


Previously, it was suggested that for PUBG Xbox One has a recover date of Dec 12. Don’t design it to run during 60fps though.

“While we formerly settled PUBG would run during aloft FPS during XGP [Xbox Game Preview] launch on 12/12, we wish to explain that PUBG will run during 30fps opposite all Xbox One devices. We’re constantly enlightening a diversion and exploring options to boost frames per second, though this early in dev, we’re incompetent to endorse more,” tweeted PUBG creator Brendan Greene.

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