“This blurb is only one notation of a 10 hours a day we spend glued to your screens,” a Siri-esque voice says in Nike’s waggish new “Time is Precious” campaign.

The brief though boiling spots take aim during a volume of time we rubbish cruising a internet ― time, according to Nike, that could be spent running

Our time-sucking internet habits become approach some-more annoying when described out shrill as a ads list a slew of things we’re all are guilty of doing. Who hasn’t forever corkscrew by photos of dogs and babies; review large posts from friends, friends of friends and strangers; wondered if an picture was a labradoodle or boiled chicken; or, even some-more likely, common an opinion about something on amicable media? 

“Opinion about a thing. Hashtag about a opinion. Opinions about a opinion. A hashtag about a hashtag. Seven opposite uninterrupted hashtags about a opinion,” one ad says, adding, “You only won behind 30 mins to run.”

Too. Freaking. #Real. 

The ads arrived conveniently around a time people start creation New Year’s resolutions to get in improved shape, though any time of year is a right time to start running. You competence be assured by a mental and earthy health benefits alone, or a fact we don’t unequivocally even have to do too most of it to reap a benefits. If these ads aren’t utterly a boost we need to just do it, maybe these tips from runners will be.  

Check out some-more of a LOL-worthy videos below.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/12/14/nike-ads-internet_n_13629482.html?utm_hp_ref=technology&ir=Technology