Q: What are some suggestions for gifts for millennials for Christmas 2016?

A: Headphones, wireless speakers and video streamers are my go-to choices for immature people, and there are some good choices in a sub-$50 range.

Beyond that: diversion consoles, aptness bands and, of course, new smartphones are good gifts, too.


Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120: Because everybody needs a gangling camber of earbuds. These are about $10, and they sound good for a price.
Best holiday tech gifts accessible for underneath $25

Moshi Mythro: Nice $30 earbuds. Moshi Mythro: Quality earphones during an affordable price

Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones: These $90 headphones are one of a favorite wireless models in a sub-$100 range. Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphone review: One of a best Bluetooth headphones for reduction than $100

Jaybird X3 ($130): This is a top-notch wireless headphone, and it’s been offered for as low as $100 during a holiday selling season. If we see it during that price, buy it — it’s an overwhelming deal. Jaybird X3 review: Improved pattern and opening make this a tip wireless sports headphone

Bose SoundSport Wireless: Bose’s many affordable ($150) wireless headphones are among a many gentle models we’ve ever tested. Bose SoundSport Wireless review: The best altogether in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone to date


Divoom Voombox Travel 3: Similar to a Logitech, though it’s splashproof as well. Also about $20. Divoom Travel 3 review: You won’t get a improved micro Bluetooth orator for $20

Google Chromecast Audio: For $35, this small puck turns anything with an “aux in” pier into a good audio streamer. Chromecast Audio review: Easily couple your phone to your audio complement for less

Amazon Echo Dot: Whether you’re regulating it as a hands-free kitchen timer or to control your Nest thermostat and Hue intelligent lighting, this $50 intelligent orator is a good introduction to intelligent home technology. It’s a decent wireless speaker, too, though we can bond it to a bigger stereo for improved sound. Amazon Echo Dot is a future, for fifty bucks.

JBL Clip 2: For $50-60, this waterproof wireless orator sounds good and travels well. (I bought this one for myself a few weeks ago.)

UE Roll 2: This $100 wireless orator is a bit incomparable and than a little JBL, and it’s waterproof, too. (I got a strange Roll as a present for my hermit final year, and he loves it.) UE Roll 2 review: A good waterproof wireless orator gets even better.

Bose SoundLink Color II: For a bit some-more than a Roll, this Bose delivers good sound (and is also water-resistant). Bose SoundLink Color II review: Small in stature, large on sound.


Roku Streaming Stick: The best altogether video pennon for a price. This $50 pennon gets a many channels and it works with any HDTV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick: A good choice to a Roku, this one costs reduction ($40) and has Alexa voice support built into a remote.

Apple TV: It costs 3 to 4 times as many as a entry-level Roku and Amazon models, though a $150 Apple TV box delivers a some-more upscale, polished streaming video experience.


If you’ve got deeper pockets, a new Xbox or PS4 ($250 each) works, too.

Xbox One S: Microsoft Xbox One S review: The Xbox One S is here, usually 3 years too late

Sony PlayStation 4: PlayStation 4 Slim review: Your aged PS4, though smaller — not that anything’s wrong with that


At this point, Fitbit and Apple Watch are a dual best choices here. The Apple Watch Series 1 is excellent if a present target isn’t a hardcore swimmer or runner.

Charge 2 is a best Fitbit nonetheless (review).

The many affordable Apple Watch is a best bet.

Apple Watch Series 2 review: Getting it right a second time.


And no millennial would be unhappy by a new phone. These are a best phones of 2016:

Apple iPhone 7 review: Everything we need in a phone, solely a headphone jack.

iPhone 7 Plus examination (updated): Plenty of reasons to go big.

Our Google Pixel review: Pure Android during a comprehensive best.

Damn OnePlus, behind during it again with a 3T.

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Nailed it.

Why Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is a splurge phone we wish right now (review).


But for last-minute gifts, we can’t go wrong with a present card, either. Just make certain you’re selecting a tradesman (or digital value trove) that they indeed like and use. (Don’t get a Google Play present label for an iPhone user, or an iTunes present label for an Android user, for instance.) Last-minute present ideas.

Q: What are a best gifts underneath $20 for an bureau Secret Santa exchange?

A: There are a handful of headphones, wireless speakers and accessible accessories I’d recommend.

Logitech X100 wireless speaker: This Bluetooth indication is discontinued, though still widely accessible for underneath $20.

Divoom Voombox Travel 3: Similar to a Logitech, though it’s splashproof as well. Also about $20.

Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120: Because everybody needs a gangling camber of earbuds. These are about $10, and they sound good for a price.

Anker PowerPort 2 24W Dual USB Wall Charger: With 2 USB ports, this $11 horse can assign your phone *and* a second appendage (wireless headphones, wireless speaker, etc.) simultaneously.

LaCie Petite Key USB drive: A USB expostulate that fits on your keychain. The $15 one costs usually about $15.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Audio Receiver: Turn any aged stereo or boombox into a wireless receiver for a smartphone or inscription for usually $20.

More gifts underneath $25: Best holiday tech gifts accessible for underneath $25.

Q: Which gaming complement creates a best Christmas present for families with a far-reaching camber of ages?

A: My tip collect for a family gaming complement would be a NES Classic retro console, that includes 30 classical 1980s Nintendo games for usually $60. The problem? It’s roughly unfit to find right now.

That said, Best Buy is presumably removing a singular conveyance this week.

The Nintendo Wii U is also a good choice for families, though it’s on a approach out. That’s since Nintendo’s all-new diversion console, a Switch, is entrance in Mar 2017. (Of course, no child wants to get a 90-day IOU in his/her stocking on Christmas morning.) Wii U review: A fun complement for kids, though we should substantially wait for a Switch, Nintendo Switch: What we know so far.

So: NES Classic is tough to find, Wii U is going divided and Switch isn’t here yet. What to do?

I’d go for a Nintendo 2DS handheld. It’s usually $80, and it includes a Mario Kart game. So it’s flattering many prepared to play right out of a box. (Well, after we download a game, anyway.) You can also buy new and used 2DS/3DS cartridges during GameStop and elsewhere: The no-frills 2DS is good for kids and cheaper than ever.

The 3DS XL plays all a same games as a 2DS, and has a some-more unsentimental clamshell pattern — though it costs some-more than twice as much: The New Nintendo 3DS XL roughly nails it.

Otherwise, we can select between a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S. They are both good diversion consoles and cheaper than ever before ($250 with during slightest one game). But they both have endless catalogs of M-rated games (equivalent to an R rating on movies). Steer transparent of those and be certain to collect adult some-more family-friendly titles (cE, E, E 10+ or T) — copiousness are available. For instance, a Xbox One is accessible bundled with Minecraft. That’s a ideal kid-friendly diversion (rated E 10+).

While these 2016 versions of a Xbox One and PS4 are “new,” they are mostly matching to a comparison models. So there’s no need to get one of these if a family already has an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. But if you’re replacing an Xbox 360 or PlayStation *3,* this is a ideal time to take a plunge.

Xbox 360 owners should really go for Xbox One since many of a 360 games now work with that console. Unfortunately, a same isn’t loyal for PS3 owners upgrading to PS4.

Both of these units double as good video streamers and DVD/Blu-ray players, too. In fact, a Xbox One S plays 4K Blu-rays, too (if we have a 4K TV).

Xbox One S: Microsoft Xbox One S review: The Xbox One S is here, usually 3 years too late.

Sony PlayStation 4: PlayStation 4 Slim review: Your aged PS4, though smaller — not that anything’s wrong with that.

Game ratings explained: ESRB Ratings.

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