Talk about going out with a bang! Michael Stuban, who retired on Thanksgiving after a 35-year career with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, filled out his exit questionnaire with what he described as “brutal” honesty. As the Philadelphia Daily News quipped, “Let’s just say he didn’t give his bosses an E-ZPass.”

But what he had to say took a back seat to how he said it. He hit the “reply all” key and sent his thoughts to the Turnpike’s 2,000 employees. And yes, he minced no words.

Stuban blasted the “out of touch” executive-level managers who are “only looking out for themselves” and are running a “rudderless” agency that hires incompetents based on political connections.

While perhaps fulfilling the fantasy of disgruntled workers everywhere, Stuban’s name will undoubtedly live in infamy around the halls of the Turnpike’s administrative offices. 

He pushed the send button just minutes before officially retiring, so no harm no foul. But one question still lingers: Was this just a slip of the finger or was the email blast intentional?

Weeks later, during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News, Stuban, who retired on Thanksgiving Day, seemed to be at peace with his decision.

“When they asked for an honest exit interview, I gave them one,” he told the newspaper.

Not everyone, obviously, was pleased. Former State Sen. Sean Logan, chairman of the Turnpike Commission, found little to laugh about in Stuban’s “reply all” adventure. Logan, too, hit the reply-all button and wrote: “Mr. Stuban . . . I don’t believe we ever met, and after reading your Exit Questionnaire, I am grateful that we didn’t.”

As for Stuban, well, he’s planning on enjoying retirement with some travel and volunteer work and catching up on projects around the house.

“I’m staying active in the community,” he said. And maybe keeping away from the computer for a while?

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