According to Billboard, “The Hamilton Mixtape” is currently the most popular album in America, hitting No. 1 on the charts last week. That makes the reveal of Pandora’s Lin-Manuel Miranda–curated station all the more appropriate.

The station, available to listen to Monday, consists of songs from the mixtape, as well as other music hand-picked by the “Hamilton” creator.

The station’s playlist includes songs like Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up,” Boogie Down Productions’ “Remix for P Is Free” and “The Sound of Music” from the very same musical. The diverse array of music represents the multifaceted sounds that influenced Miranda ― a lover of both hip-hop and musical theater ― growing up in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights.


As many “Ham” fans know, “The Hamilton Mixtape” ended up coming after “Hamilton: An American Musical,” that wildly popular theater production created by Miranda and based on the life of statesman Alexander Hamilton. But it was actually supposed to be the other way around.

“The Hamilton Mixtape was actually the first idea I had when I picked up Ron Chernow’s biography,” Miranda told Pandora in an interview shared with The Huffington Post. “I thought that Alexander Hamilton’s life lent itself incredibly well to the music of hip-hop and RB, and I thought, This is my chance to get my Andrew Lloyd Weber on, write a concept album and have different rappers and RB artists play the founding fathers while telling this incredible story.”

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