Hackers Have Targeted US Nuclear Power Plants

During a past integrate months, hackers have pounded mixed chief appetite plants around a United States, reports The New York Times. The temperament of a hackers isn’t famous and we don’t know a motive. Among a comforts influenced was a Wolf Creek Nuclear Operation Corporation, that oversees a plant nearby Burlington, Kansas.

The essay cites a corner news from a Department of Homeland Security and a FBI from final week.

Other targets, including appetite companies and production plants, have been identified. Outside of Wolf Creek, it’s different if additional chief comforts were indeed breached. The government’s news says there’s no denote hackers were means to „jump from their victims’ computers into a control systems of a facilities.“

Article source: https://www.nextpowerup.com/news/37096/hackers-have-targeted-us-nuclear-power-plants/