Should we switch to Freedom Mobile’s LTE network?

Last week, Freedom Mobile, before Wind Mobile, incited on a LTE network for a few business with a right phones and plans, and nonetheless a network is still nascent, adequate time has elapsed to give it a satisfactory shake. So let’s speak about it.

But first…

A discerning recap

In sequence to take advantage of a Freedom Mobile LTE network, we need to do a integrate of prerequisites:

  1. You need to live in Toronto or Vancouver, or their evident surrounding areas (the boundary are a bit deceptive during a moment).
  2. A LG V20 or ZTE Grand X 4
  3. A dedicated LTE plan, that costs $40 for 6GB of monthly data

If we don’t strike all three, we won’t get LTE — and even then, it’s a bit touch-and-go right now.

Everything we need to know about Freedom Mobile

When it all comes together

On Thursday, Dec 15 we perceived an refurbish to my Freedom Mobile LG V20 that incited on LTE. we live rather tighten to downtown Toronto, and on restarting from a update, a phone quick connected to LTE, nonetheless via a day, and even now, it went behind and onward to 3G.

Let’s get a bit technical for a minute. Freedom’s LTE network uses AWS-3 spectrum, newly standardised underneath Band 66. Right now, it’s a usually network in Canada regulating that sold square of a airwaves, and right now it is really sparsely-populated.

When then-Wind Mobile purchased a spectrum, all a approach behind in Mar 2015, it did so with a blessing of a Canadian government, that set aside 30Mhz of AWS-3 spectrum to supposed new entrants.

The flourishing network uses, or will use, that AWS-3 spectrum in interconnected 15Mhz combinations in all tools of Canada solely for Eastern Ontario, where it was outbid by Videotron. In a stream form, a limit download speeds we can design are 112.5Mbps; upload speeds during 50Mbps.

In reality, I’ve never left above 75Mbps down and 34Mbps up, which, while not tighten to a maximum, are utterly quick even for Canadian LTE network standards, and some-more than 10 times what Freedom Mobile offers on a existent 3G network.

The problems

The contrariety between 3G and LTE is so differing that it might as good be as if we mislaid vigilance altogether.

The problems are twofold: first, a LTE vigilance is not reliable, even when you’re right in a heart of downtown Toronto. I’ve listened anecdotes about it being a bit improved in Vancouver, nonetheless a association contingency still be tweaking a apparatus signal. That means we mostly dump down to 3G (or as my V20 says, 4G), that would usually be excellent design that Freedom’s HSPA+ use is deplorable in Toronto.

The contrariety is so differing that it might as good be as if we mislaid vigilance altogether: songs stop streaming; photos stop loading; messages get stranded in transit. It might contend that we have a network connection, nonetheless that’s not wholly true.

The other partial is that since Freedom launched a LTE network nonetheless VoLTE or VoWiFi support, any time we make or accept a phone call, a V20 drops down to 3G, and takes a honeyed time anticipating LTE again. This is all standard for a course, and we am used to it on Telus, that has nonetheless to launch VoLTE in Toronto, nonetheless a Big Three have 3G networks to tumble behind on that, notwithstanding being slower, are many some-more mature than Freedom’s, and some-more importantly, indeed have ability to support complicated network traffic.

There’s also a doubt of patron service. Wind Mobile was a done adult of a network of little play stores, especially to cut costs, with usually a few (and timorous number) of corporate flagships in a largest cities. While I’ve nonetheless to have a vital emanate with my Freedom Mobile service, it’s critical to know that when we pointer adult for use with one of a Big Three, we also get a flattering mature patron use flue that includes web, phone and in-person care. It’s not always great, nonetheless it’s there. Over a years, I’ve listened from many people about then-Wind’s bad or self-existent care. Let’s wish underneath Shaw that improves, and quickly.

So, should we switch?

There’s a 9 in 10 possibility that your phone is now connected to one of a Big Three’s networks, and over a years Rogers, Bell and Telus have built adult endless inhabitant networks that are quick flattering many anywhere, in any building and environment.

If we are to switch to Freedom Mobile’s LTE network, we have to keep in mind a few things: it’s not good for travelers. If we go outward Toronto or Vancouver on some-more than an occasional basis, you’ll possibly have to live with Freedom’s much-slower 3G, or one of a partners, that means profitable not-so-cheap roaming fees.

You’re going to be forced into spending during slightest a integrate hundred dollars on a new phone if we wish to extract in LTE.

Also keep in mind that a company’s stream LTE devise — and there is usually one — eschews a built-in 1GB of U.S. roaming, that was traditionally one of Wind’s many appealing bolt-ons.

Over a past week or so, I’ve had a flattering good knowledge on Freedom Mobile. Speeds have been reliably good on LTE, nonetheless vigilance strength in my home has been many weaker than any of a incumbents, expected due to a lighter thoroughness of towers around me. If we live right downtown Toronto or Vancouver, vigilance strength shouldn’t be an issue, nonetheless it’s not like we live in a center of nowhere, either.

Then there’s a doubt of device. You’re going to be forced into spending during slightest a integrate hundred dollars on a new phone if we wish to partake, and a entry-level option, a ZTE Grand X 4, is many expected value skipping. The LG V20, that I’ve been regulating in expectation of Freedom Mobile’s LTE launch, is an extraordinary phone, nonetheless it’s also $800, and will expected usually interest to a many hardcore of early adopters.

If you’re in Toronto or Vancouver, we might be tempted to switch to Freedom to cut down on your phone bill. I’d suggest many people wait until there is a wider accumulation of phones to select from, and until a company’s LTE network is a bit some-more mature. Outside of those dual cities, reason tight: by a time LTE comes your way, a device preference — and network trustworthiness — will be much, many better.

Your turn

Have we altered to Freedom Mobile LTE yet, or are we meditative about creation a switch? Let us know!

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