ExtraTorrent Has Permanently Closed

ExtraTorrent, a swell site second usually to The Pirate Bay in size, has close down permanently. The site hosted a vast index of pirated calm for years and a full reason for a shutdown wasn’t provided.

The group behind a site sealed ExtraTorrent but warning, pronounced all information would be erased, and told visitors to make certain they equivocate any clones that uncover up.

Every domain compared with a swell site now points to a same shutdown message.

Although an reason wasn’t offered, a suppositional means is that ExtraTorrent was confronting authorised pressure. In Mar of this year the domain registrar close down ExtraTorrent’s primary domain, forcing a switch to backup locations. Even situations like that can turn overpowering after a while.

Article source: https://www.nextpowerup.com/news/36120/extratorrent-has-permanently-closed/