There is no reason to overpay for your cinema when we have options.

The Gear VR is gentle adequate that we can simply lay behind and check out your favorite movies. Now Oculus Movies, is built right in so that we can squeeze and watch a cinema that we are unequivocally hungry for. However there is a bit of a locate here. That’s given purchasing a film by Oculus Movies is indeed a bit some-more costly than it is anywhere else. Nobody wants to overpay for calm unless they have to, and that’s unequivocally loyal here. Thankfully when it comes to checking out cinema in VR, we have a few options to check out.

What other services are accessible as apps?

When we consider of streaming cinema or television, there are substantially dual services that immediately cocktail into your head. Hulu, and Netflix. Both of these overwhelming streaming apps are accessible for download to your Gear VR. You’ll need a membership in sequence to use a apps, though if you’re new to possibly use there are generally giveaway trials that we can take advantage of. While both of these services are many good famous for their catalog of binge-able radio shows, they also have a outrageous catalog of both new and classical movies.

For now these are your best options for examination full cinema streaming by your headseat with a assistance of an app. While conjunction of them will concede we to squeeze specific cinema or radio shows, it is a good approach to only suffer yourself though spending income on a singular square of cinema.

Watch cinema downloaded to your phone

If you’re unequivocally hungry to watch a specific module while in VR, and we possess a digital duplicate of that movie, afterwards there is another choice open to you. You can indeed watch your possess videos from within a Oculus Movies app, and this includes both cinema that we have downloaded to your phone. There are a few stairs concerned here, though for a many partial it’s really easy. For those of we who cite to possess digital copies of your favorite movies, this is a good choice to watch whatever we feel like.

Download and personification your possess videos in Oculus Video is also flattering easy.

This is generally handy, given it means we can simply compensate for and download a film from your elite retailer, and afterwards have a ability to watch it though a ton of hassle. Obviously, a easiest approach to watch cinema in Gear VR is by purchasing your cinema by Oculus Movies, though for those of us who like to get a biggest crash for a buck, a additional stairs can save we a few dollars.

Downloading and personification your possess videos in Oculus Video is also flattering easy. First download a calm that we wish to watch to your phone. Next, make certain that a video is saved to your Movies folder. From here we can put on your Gear VR headset and navigate to Ouclus Video. You need to name Categories from a menu, and afterwards name My Videos. Now all we need to do is name a downloaded video we wish to watch, and you’re good to go!

Step by step instructions

  1. Download a film that we wish to watch on your phone.
  2. Transfer a video to your Movies folder
  3. Jump into VR with your Gear VR headset, and open Oculus Video
  4. Select a Category menu with your pointer
  5. Select My Movies
  6. Select a video we wanted to watch, and start it up!


Oculus Movies are a bit pricier than other options on a internet, and given we have entrance to them there is no reason to overpay for a calm that we want. You can tide your favorite cinema and radio shows regulating apps like Netflix or Hulu, and we even have a choice to watch cinema downloaded to your phone by regulating Oculus Video. Have we attempted regulating an choice to Oculus Movies? Is there a streaming app, or film use that we didn’t discuss here? Be certain to dump us a line below, or conduct over to a forums and start a conversation!

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