This week a deals in a mobile space are aplenty, what with Black Friday entrance adult and all that. If you’re meddlesome in purchasing an LG G6 and would rather have Sprint as your conduit than US Cellular, here’s an extraordinary offer for you.

Best Buy is now offered Sprint’s LG G6 chronicle for usually $4.99 month with a two-year installment devise (and $0 down). That means you’ll finish adult profitable a grand sum of $119.76 for a handset when those dual years are up. That’s flattering violent even compared to Sprint’s stream sell pricing of a G6, that is $480 – to contend zero of a device’s initial cost indicate when it launched this spring.

As common with such sparkling deals, there’s no information on when this one will end. It competence go on for a while, or be a limited-time thing that expires in a few days. To be certain we squeeze a G6 during this price, we will need to act fast.

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