The initial phone with a fingerprint reader was a Pantech GI100 from 2004. It had a reader during a core of a D-Pad, one of those early implementations that compulsory we to appropriate your finger opposite them. This was a flip phone so a eminence between front and behind is a bit iffy, yet we’re job this one front-mounted (based on when a phone is flipped open).

A few fingerprint readers seemed here and there over a years, yet they were intensely singular – never surpassing 4 phones per year. It wasn’t until 2013 that biometric confidence became critical in a public’s consciousness.

It was Apple’s doing, of course, a association is frequency a initial yet is always good during pulling new use patterns. The iPhone 5s was one of dual phones to have a fingerprint reader that year (front-mounted), a other was a HTC One Max (rear mounted).

Note: a draft depends a series of inclination released, regardless of their popularity.

The really subsequent year, 2014, there were 33 phones brandishing a reader and a strenuous infancy of them had it on a front (29 vs. 4). But by 2016 a change had shifted to rear-mounted readers.

The Huawei Mate 10 showed that we can have both good screen-to-body ratio and a front-mounted reader, yet we consider a ergonomics don’t utterly work out. If a bezel-less trend persists, many readers will quit to a back.

Then there are a side-mounted readers. Pushed mostly by Sony yet not exclusively – ZTE, Huawei and Nexbit (now owned by Razer) had side-mounted readers in 2015, a same year that Sony launched a Xperia Z5 and co. Still, these are a relations rarity.

There’s a good reason for that – only as a office of slim bezels pushed a fingerprint reader divided from a front, it’s pulling it off a sides too. A side-mounted reader increases a density of a side bezels and in spin a phone itself, deleterious usability as extreme breadth is unpropitious to handling.

Apple is perplexing to set a new trend now – no fingerprint reader during all! The iPhone X uses facial 3D scanning instead. That necessitated a nick during a tip of a screen, though, and it’s not indispensably a good demeanour (opinions positively differ).

For completeness sake, here’s a fingerprint reader position draft from 2004 to 2014. We separate it given a post-2013 bang lopsided a total draft and done it tough to read.

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