Audiobooks now accessible on Google Play Store

After years of simply carrying ebooks, Google currently announced that it is adding audiobooks to a Google Play Store. Audiobooks will be accessible in 45 countries and in 9 opposite languages.

Just like a ebooks, a audiobooks will be accessible à la grant with no subscription use like on Audible. Once purchased, a book will be accessible to listen opposite all Google platforms, including a web, Google Play Books app on Android and iOS, Chromecast, Google Home, Android Wear and Android Auto. The swell will be synced so we can start on one device and collect it adult after on another. You can also tell Google Assistant on any of a inclination to play your audiobook and it will start personification a final one we played from where we left off.

Audiobooks can now be purchased from a Google Play Store on a web and on Android. iOS users can play audiobooks from a Google Play Books app though can usually squeeze them from a web.


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