ARM competence be a best mobile processor maker, though a foe is solemnly apropos tougher. Because of that, a association has motionless to partner with one of a best desktop/laptop processor builder Intel to work on a next-generation processor that will use a 10 nm HPM production process.

The concentration is on a Cortex-A55, that would work during 2.35 GHz and 0.45 V, bringing a 30% opening boost and 100 times reduce appetite leaks over a 28 nm stream model. As for a 10nm builds, stream exam models are clocked during 3.5 GHz and 0.5 V, and a appetite potency is 0.25 mW/MHz. For comparison, a Snapdragon 820’s Kryo runs during approximately 2W.

It will be engaging to see how good a new 10nm ARM Cortex-A SoCs is and can it kick Apple’s A11.

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