Red Rhino Entertainment Rhino Box review

Red Rhino Entertainment Rhino Box review

No one seems to have gotten Android to work on a TV customarily right. Google TV flopped and Android TV still has a lot to prove, withdrawal third-party manufacturers — customarily ones you’ve never listened of — picking adult a tardy and doing it their way. Toronto’s Red Rhino Entertainment is customarily such a startup, nonetheless a association is pulling a pouch on what an Android-based set tip box can do.

The Rhino Box is like a smartphone, tablet, and mechanism rolled into a compress home museum box. The pennon has been designed to not customarily take on a likes of Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, nonetheless blow them away. Running a inscription chronicle of Android Kitkat 4.4, and inner components that can hoop streaming 4K calm and regulating perfectionist video games, a Rhino box not customarily provides entrance to all a movies, TV shows, anime, and kids calm we can shake a hang at, it will also tide porn.

That’s right, we pronounced porn … and while a Rhino Box should never be pigeon-holed as a “porn box,” it’s unfit not to prominence a fact that this tiny pennon does what a competitors don’t, and that alone could be a decision-maker for some consumers.

Out of a box

The Rhino Box comes with an receiver that screws into a tiny coaxial hollow on a side, a wall-brick  energy adapter, 3-foot prolonged HDMI 2.0 prosaic wire (with Rhino branding on it), and a brief USB wire with masculine plugs on both ends. The tiny branded remote enclosed is suspiciously identical to a Roku 3’s remote, right down to a tiny badge add-on during a bottom that mimics Roku boxes.

Red Rhino boxes

Along with all a hardware is a brief primer and a one-year guaranty reminding we that Red Rhino means business when it comes to ancillary a products.

Features and design

The company’s prior product, a Magic Box, looked like an Apple TV clone, given a Rhino Box looks like one that’s feasted on a smaller brethren. Wider, longer and deeper than a Apple TV or Roku 3, Red Rhino indispensable a additional space inside to accommodate a components that give it a super-powers. The receiver on a side helps amplify a Wi-Fi receiver, creation it a tiny easier to get a many out of a home network in cases where a box is nowhere nearby a router. Given a Ethernet pier in a back, and a fact a Box is generally reliant on a Internet, we cite a connected connection, and so, we primarily tested it regulating a powerline adapter.

Powerful inner components and HDMI 2.0 support meant a Rhino Box simply handles 4K video.

Under a hood, a Rhino Box packs in a 2.0Ghz Cortex A17 quad-core processor, 3D 16x graphics chip, 2GB of RAM, 16GB inner storage and regulating on Android 4.4 Kitkat. There’s a microSD label container expandable adult to 32GB, along with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac. The left side of a section has an Aux-In jack for audio, a “recover” pinhole to reset it, a microSD container and dual USB ports — one of that is labeled OTG (on-the-go), that seems to work with third-party diversion controllers. On a back, there are dual some-more USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, visible audio and a energy port. The right side has a receiver and a energy button. The potion tip also has a blue LED indicating when a device is on.

The energy of a inner components and support for HDMI 2.0 means a Rhino Box can simply hoop 4K video. It also means that a USB ports are useful for storage expansion, offline media playback or diversion controllers in a box of a OTG port. Optical audio enables a approach tie to a soundbar or sound system, while a Aux-In jack could be useful for those singular cases where examination or listening to something with headphones competence be required.

Red Rhino side ports 2

Red Rhino side ports 3

Then there’s a software. Running Android 4.4 Kitkat out of a box, a user interface clearly leans toward what we would pattern in a tablet. Landscape orientation, of course, nonetheless also a menus, icons and usability that goes with all that. Unlike Android TV on certain TV models or a Google Nexus Player, that uses a singular interface that creates navigation many easier, removing around on a Rhino Box does take a tiny removing used to.

Much of a program is centered on what a association calls Red Rhino Media Center (RRMC). Effectively a re-skinned iteration of Kodi (formerly XBMC), it’s treated as a standalone app with a possess installer, given it isn’t activated out of a box. We consider partial of that competence be authorised cover, nonetheless we can’t be sure, given other Android boxes customarily have Kodi prepared to go.


Giving consumers a choice to implement RRMC is zero some-more than a ritual since a really reason to buy a section is mostly predicated on what it offers. When installing, a start shade does make a indicate of seeking that denunciation we want, and either we wish porn incited off or not. Kodi users will feel right during home, notwithstanding a teenager visible alterations. Navigating a menu with a enclosed remote was poignant and responsive, where a elementary blueprint works good adequate to get around.

The enclosed remote is excellent for elementary apps, nonetheless unsound for a touchscreen-style interface.

Kodi is really many a gray area since a repositories that can entrance copyrighted media calm aren’t pre-installed. The same was a box here, where RRMC has few repositories included. This radically puts it in line with other third-party Android boxes in that a hardware can open a door, nonetheless a user has to be peaceful to travel through. In that regard, we were means to implement a horde of repositories that gave us entrance to an roughly unconstrained supply of movies, TV shows, live TV channels, music, anime, kids programs and porn. In a latter case, a porn fundamentally comes from a list of authorised sites (think Pornhub and Redtube) that benefaction clips from thousands of cinema and pledge scenes, of that not all is expected there legally.

Red Rhino is a customarily association we know of creation Android boxes that has left to sex trade shows in Canada and a U.S. to marketplace a products during attendees, including a leaflet that plays adult a entrance to “free porn.” There’s copiousness of a nudie things to demeanour at, if one is so inclined, nonetheless it’s customarily one aspect of a wider net of calm available. The association creates certain to silo it underneath “Adult” in a categorical Kodi-based menu, many like Anime, Family, Sports and Live TV have their possess spots.

Since Red Rhino’s developers didn’t tinker too many with a simple Kodi interface, we benefitted some-more from a easier blueprint than we did from any constructional changes. Seasoned Kodi users will know where to go to tinker, given novices will expected be gratified that many things are sincerely easy to find. Still, adding repositories, environment adult favorites and troubleshooting intensity hiccups do need a bit of a training curve.

The enclosed remote is excellent for removing around on Kodi, nonetheless is clearly not done for an interface that caters to hold input. We can’t error Red Rhino too many for this since any remote nonetheless suit sensors would fundamentally humour a same fate, nonetheless for that reason alone, we wish a association would gold a Magic Wand with it instead.

Red Rhino remote full

We came divided agreeably astounded during how good gaming can work on a Box, personification Grand Theft Auto: Vice City regulating a PlayStation 4 controller plugged in with a cable. Through some finagling, we eventually managed to get it to work wirelessly. Red Rhino indeed sells a PS3 counterpart controller (with Xbox-colored face buttons) alone that works with a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into one of a USB ports, nonetheless a PS4 one worked customarily excellent for a needs.

The customarily premonition is symbol control and mapping. Because a games accessible here are designed for touch, they don’t offer correct mapping options on their own. Google Play has apps to pill that, nonetheless they can need a satisfactory bit of work, depending on a game. Probably not a regard for some-more dedicated users, nonetheless a normal ones competence not feel as compelled to go by all a stairs nonetheless help.

Using Android

Android boxes like a Rhino Box are robust, nonetheless still handcuffed by stipulations associated to a handling system. Being a inscription chronicle of a OS on a TV, it’s a touch-based interface requiring navigation with a remote. This is good for a remote-friendly UI like Kodi, nonetheless proves to be counterintuitive for Android. Trying to hunt and crop for apps in Google Play, or work with apps that we would routinely take for postulated on other Android devices, wasn’t as fun as we would’ve liked. We attempted a Magic Wand, another separately-sold Red Rhino remote with suit sensors and a full keyboard, to sign a difference. Having a rodent to get around shaved a lot of time off certain tasks, generally with Android apps, nonetheless usability could still be hampered by a miss of genuine estate. For instance, perplexing to corkscrew down a page on YouTube was a frustrating exercise, to contend a least.

Streamers like a Rhino Box are robust, nonetheless still handcuffed by Android OS limitations.

Particularly with Netflix, we found that we couldn’t watch anything in HD, many reduction 4K. This is an emanate that plagues all hardware providers, that includes all third-party Android boxes (save for a Fire TV), that can’t get authorisation from Netflix for a HD streams.

We were means to sideload both Popcorn Time and Porn Time regulating a APK installer that comes preloaded on a box. However, they were customarily means to work when a Box was on Wi-Fi since a apps didn’t commend a connected Ethernet connection. Being a inscription chronicle of Android, we can customarily assume that it was looking for a mobile information connection, nonetheless in any case, we weren’t means to figure out what a understanding was with those dual specific apps.

Using Plex to tide calm was fine, nonetheless again, a interface isn’t overly fair to a remote that can’t get around as fast. This was also loyal of DS Video and BubbleUPnP, dual apps we use to tide from network trustworthy storage drives. YouTube was another instance that we ran into repeatedly.

This is because we leaned behind towards regulating a Chromecast for instances where we wanted to tide around Netflix, Plex, YouTube or Rdio, among others. By navigating on a phone or inscription and drumming a integrate times to palm off a content, we were means to get from start to finish in a fragment of a time it took to get there on a Rhino Box.

Red Rhino tip full

On a flip side, Kodi also has strong networking program that can hoop network trustworthy storage and media servers, so a usability issues with Plex or any exclusive server app can be equivalent that way. Indeed, a preference of carrying several calm sources join within Kodi is partial of a reason a height has such a far-reaching following. Red Rhino knows that, and appears to be targeting both seasoned and reduction tech-savvy users by pulling that narrative.


Bottom line: If you’re someone who values a morality and palliate of use that comes with a Roku or Apple TV box, this isn’t a device for you. Even if all we wish it for is to tide porn on a big-screen, it’s still not value it. However, if you’re looking for what is radically an Android-based HTPC in a box, we competence puncture a compress form cause and flexibility a Rhino Box offers. And afterwards there’s a porn, that is wholly optional.

The plea in a box like a Rhino Box is that it uses a height that is already widely available, and boasts facilities we have found in during slightest one competitor, a Minix Neo X8-H Plus. That box offers identical specs and is now offered for underneath $200 online. But on a flip side, it’s tough to contend either a guaranty and turn of tech support is allied between a two. Red Rhino has technicians formed in North America and Europe to understanding with patron inquiries, given Hong Kong-based Minix expected doesn’t.

The inclusion of 4K isn’t impactful underneath stream circumstances. There isn’t many calm accessible during that resolution, and whenever there is, it looks like Kodi will be a primary process in bringing it in. It is probable to play a 4K video record directly around USB or internal streaming, nonetheless with grievous record sizes, it’s now not a unsentimental resolution for many users anyway.

That radically leaves Kodi and gaming as a dual pillars a device stands on, and a smattering of Android apps that competence interpret morally to remote navigation and submit — all of that it handles with aplomb. At $350, and another $50 for a Magic Wand, it becomes an costly proposition, nonetheless it’s also expected to final we for a prolonged time, so going for it does count on how estimable an investment we understand it to be.


  • Good pattern and plain build
  • Plenty of ports to work with
  • 4K-enabled
  • Kodi runs smoothly
  • Games run nonetheless issue


  • Kodi customization rather limited
  • Tricky navigation for Android apps
  • Magic Wand sole separately
  • Expensive

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