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New investment capital flows into Flo, the AI-powered period-tracking app

Flo already has an active monthly user bottom of 10 million women, and with a new investment round, that series will usually grow.

As an app that over 50 percent of a world’s race could make use of on a monthly basis, it’s no consternation that Flo has met with huge success given a launch in 2015. The hugely renouned period tracking app has usually lifted $5 million in a Series A appropriation turn led by Flint Capital and code ambassador, supermom, and supermodel Natalia Vodianova, and reinforces a need for female-focused record in a 21st century.

Flo, that launched usually underneath dual years ago in Oct of 2015, has already cumulative 10 million monthly active users, and is usually gaining in popularity. In fact, a app now sees a user bottom grow by 1 million users any month. This is mostly interjection to a slew of new features, including personalized health insights.

The app relies on neural networks to both investigate and expect menstrual cycles. “The use of appurtenance training increasing predictions correctness by 54.2 percent, with a prophecy blunder reduced from 5.6 to 2.6 days,” Yuri Gurski, Flo owner and boss told Venturebeat around email. “The some-more symptoms are logged, a some-more singular patterns a algorithm is expected to find in a woman’s cycle.”

Also enclosed in a newest chronicle of Flo is what Gurski describes as “Quora-style QA service.” Here, Gurski noted, “Users can plead their many blazing insinuate issues with experts and other users, anonymously. We are saying extraordinary results; it is truly a clever village of like-minded peers.”

While a app started out exclusively as a pregnancy app, Flo now has a pregnancy mode that promises a “tailored health resolution for women during any theatre of a reproductive cycle.” In fact, a association claims that it helps 100,000 women a month get pregnant.

So what will a app do with a new liquid of cash? According to a news release, a idea is to use this sum to accelerate expansion and enhance Flo’s participation via a U.S. market. Furthermore, a association has desirous skeleton to partner with investigate centers and universities with a idea of advancing womanlike health science. Ultimately, Flo says, a idea is to “become a series 1 womanlike health height in a world, with during slightest 100 million users.”

Article source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/flo-raises-5-million/